Alex Novikov


Alex Novikov — Russian musician, saxophonist and social activist. Honored artist of Russia, laureate of Russian National music award «ovation», a Board member of the International Union of pop figures, one of the representatives of the musical direction of smooth jazz.

Collaborated with artists such as: Demis Roussos, Nadezhda Babkina Lyudmila Ryumin, Mikhail Kozakov, Iosif Kobzon, Feliks Carikati, Evgeny Doga, Elena Terleeva, George Benson, Francis Goya, Dmitrii Chetvergov.

A new stage in the work of saxophonist Alex Novikov was cooperation with Lyudmila Ryumina. Folk melos, intonation, and modal wealth expanded the improvising skills of a musician, and at the same time, defined the face of the taste. In 2007, together with the people’s artist of Russia L. Ryumina released «White lilac».

The defining event in the life of Alex Novikov — creative meeting with people’s artist of Russia Mikhail Kozakov. Together with Alex Kozakov resumed theatrical-musical project, «Joseph Brodsky. Duet for voice and saxophone» received appreciative recognition in Moscow and on tour in Russia.

A significant milestone in the life of a musician is collaboration, a joint concert in the State Kremlin Palace with the legend of the world of pop art by George Benson.

In 2009, Alex Novikov released a solo album, «My world», in 2010 – together with the composer Vladimir Agafonnikov album «From Paris to Moscow.»

Twice a year at the Svetlanov hall of Moscow International House of music Alex Novikov presents a new solo program, among them: «My world. Selected hits of the twentieth century, In the days of late autumn», «sax in the city», «the Magic Christmas», «At the equator spring», «the Ballad of the flying snow. 29 April 2011 was successfully presented another project «In the middle of spring», which was attended by legendary Russian musician Sergey Mazaev.

3 Dec 2012 he was presented an award «for 200 years to internal troops of the MIA of Russia» on behalf of the Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. 6 Feb 2014 – Medal «For the contribution and preparation of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic War.»

Currently working on a new symphonic-jazz projects in Smooth-jazz style: «April and i», «Happiness will come back like a boomerang», «Lyuber-2009», «Memories in the blues», «The memory of the heart in blue.